What is Nad+ therapy

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A statement from InnerLife Recovery about why we use NAD+ therapy

Biochemical restoration

At InnerLife Recovery, restoration is a very important word. We want our clients to understand that addiction is not just about behaviour. It also involves biochemical and neurochemical imbalances within the brain and body, which come from substance abuse. Our NAD+ therapy completely re-establishes this balance. It involves replenishing the body’s essential nutrients to be taken as part of a well-rounded therapy package. 

Dopamine imbalance

When life gets a bit tough, our emotional well-being takes a toll. As a result, we’re often left a little restless, irritable, and easily distracted. During these periods, certain activities and substances become quite alluring. For some, this could be as simple as video games or shopping. For others though, darker things such as porn, hard drugs or alcohol abuse can become serious dangers. These things all contain dopamine – the neurotransmitter linked to pleasure and reward. 

Ultimately, though, addiction is a lot more complex than this. We’ve created a page explaining why people get addicted to certain things

Dopamine imbalances are something we are all susceptible to. For instance, another example of dopamine in everyday life is sugary foods. Plenty of otherwise healthy people find themselves drawn to these foods as a means of seeking relief from hard (or boring) days. 

These choices often come with a cost. That cost could be: 

  • Destabilised blood sugar levels
  • Heightened inflammation
  • Turning to stronger substances 

The reason people turn to stronger substances is because the initial high no longer does the trick, so people often seek out something with an extra “kick” to fulfil their now desensitised dopamine urges. It is a completely natural biological response. 

So now, as a result of these cravings, we often have:

  • Escalated cravings
  • Enhanced anxiety levels 
  • Potentially deepened depression
  • Disrupted sleep patterns

Each of these are a serious threat to general well-being. It can also be very difficult for individuals to get rid of these symptoms without help. 

For that very reason, our team at InnerLife Recovery includes experienced professionals who specialise in NAD+ therapy among other types of therapies. We ensure safe and effective administration of these substances to get you back on your feet; healthy and clean.

How much does NAD+ IV therapy cost in the UK and Spain?

The administration of this therapy does vary in cost across the world. The cost is influenced by several factors, including the quality of ingredients, the location of the clinic and the personalised approach to treatment.

Costs in the UK and Spain

Prices in the UK can range from £250 to £1,000 per session. This range accounts for factors like the dosage of NAD+ administered (which can vary from 100mg to 1000mg), the inclusion of other nutrients like glutathione, and the overall quality of care and personalization of the therapy.

In Spain, the scenario is similar, with costs also varying based on location, clinic, and treatment specifics. The general trend in the European market for wellness and anti-ageing treatments suggests a range that could be comparable to that of the UK. Typically, in Spain, health and wellness treatments can range from a few hundred to over a thousand euros per session, depending on the complexity and duration of the therapy.

We strongly advise that you do your own research using the resources we provide at InnerLife Recovery.com before settling. However, do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the team and consult with us directly for accurate information on treatment options. We want you to make informed decisions based on your specific health and financial needs. At InnerLife Recovery Nad+ IV Therapy is offered as part of a tailored treatment program and is included in the residential treatment costs.

Methods of administration at InnerLife Recovery

NAD+ injections and IV drip

The process of NAD+ injection (Intramuscular shots) and IV drips can vary in duration and dosage depending on the individual’s health status and the specific goals of the treatment. Typically, a session may last between 30-40 minutes, during which a high dose of NAD+ is slowly administered to the patient.

The reason injections and drips are so beneficial is because injecting directly into the bloodstream bypasses the digestive system and makes the dose immediately available to the cells. It is far more efficient than oral supplements, which lose a big chunk of their potency through digestion.

The difference between injections and the IV drip

NAD+ IM (intramuscular) shots provide a more gradual increase in NAD+ levels. Compared to IV drips, IM shots may offer a convenient and less invasive option for those looking to benefit from NAD+ supplementation.

Safety and considerations

While NAD+ IV therapy is generally considered safe, some individuals may experience mild side effects such as headaches, nausea, and skin flushing. These effects usually subside as the body adjusts to the treatment.

However, as with any medical treatment, there are potential interactions with medications, making it essential for individuals to consult healthcare providers before starting therapy.

Adopting a holistic health approach that includes NAD+ therapy alongside a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management can optimise health benefits and promote overall well-being.

In conclusion, NAD+ IV drip therapy offers a fantastic complementary approach to enhancing health. By supporting cellular repair, boosting metabolic function, and improving brain health, this therapy holds potential for individuals looking to improve their quality of life.


NAD+ IV therapy is an intravenous treatment designed to boost levels of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+), a vital coenzyme involved in cellular energy production and repair. It aims to rejuvenate cellular function, enhance energy, and potentially slow ageing by replenishing diminished NAD+ levels, offering benefits in mental clarity, physical performance, and overall well-being.

The cost of NAD+ IV therapy in the UK can vary widely, typically ranging from £100 to £1,000 per session. Prices depend on the dosage, the duration of the treatment, and the clinic’s location. It’s a premium health service, considered an investment in personal wellness and anti-aging strategies.

NAD+ injections are an alternative to IV therapy, delivering the coenzyme directly into the muscle (intramuscularly) or under the skin (subcutaneously). This method offers a quicker, often more convenient way to increase NAD+ levels, supporting energy metabolism, cognitive function, and overall health without the need for an IV drip setup.

The NAD+ drip is a method of administering NAD+ directly into the bloodstream via an IV drip. This process allows for immediate absorption and utilisation of NAD+ by the body’s cells, facilitating enhanced energy production, improved cellular repair, detoxification, and potential anti-aging effects. It’s a controlled procedure typically performed in a clinical setting.

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