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Treatment for behavioural issues requires a deeper look at underlying and root causes, rather than a generic approach. What works for one person is not necessarily going to work for another. Some people are happy, for example, to remain in their hometown and attend a local clinic for treatment. For others, though, recovery means escape. It means getting away to clear your mind, and coming back as a new person. 

Spain offers a lot of things the UK does not. It is not just a joke that the British climate leads to misery and dullness. Sunshine is without doubt a great backdrop for recovery. Spanish temperature also allows for a range of activities that will aid in the recovery process to combat underlying addictions. 

Spain is also home to several high-level rehab centres that specialise in treating behavioural addictions, InnerLife Recovery being among them. Our facility is staffed by skilled professionals who are experts in addiction treatment. We have varied forms of treatment programs that incorporate individual and group therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness and meditation, art and music therapy, and physical activities. 

Additionally, Spain’s rehab centres are known for their privacy and discretion, which is essential for people looking for treatment away from the public eye.

What is behavioural addiction?

Behavioural addiction is no less crippling and harmful than substance abuse. From gambling and sex to internet and shopping addictions, these compulsions affect millions globally. 

This type of addiction (sometimes called process addiction) is when a person has a compulsion to engage in non-substance-related behaviours. The acts can trigger patterns of behaviour that can dominate a person’s life and cause a lot of stress and pain. 

Here are the most common types: 

  • Gambling: Persistent and recurrent problematic gambling behaviour.
  • Internet: Excessive and compulsive use of the internet, affecting daily life activities, responsibilities, and personal relationships.
  • Sex: Compulsive engagement in sexual thoughts, urges, or behaviours that are difficult to control.
  • Shopping: Compulsive shopping or buying, often resulting in financial, personal, and emotional problems.
  • Video games: Excessive and compulsive game playing that interferes with daily life.
  • Food: An uncontrollable craving for excessive food consumption, similar to the compulsion seen in substance dependence.

Behavioural addictions also share several core characteristics:

  • Compulsion: An overwhelming urge or impulse to engage in the behaviour, often in response to stress or emotional distress.
  • Persistence: Persisting in the behaviour despite facing negative outcomes, such as financial issues, relationship problems, or deteriorating mental and physical health.
  • Inability to stop: Repeated attempts to cut down or control the behaviour are unsuccessful.
  • Tolerance: Needing to increase the behaviour to achieve the desired effect or experiencing less of a “high” from the same level of behaviour.

Withdrawal: Experiencing emotional or physical symptoms when the behaviour is reduced or stopped, such as irritability, anxiety, or physical discomfort.

What is addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment addresses different types of addiction disorders. It offers individuals a pathway to recovery and the ability to resume productive lives. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction is treatable and manageable, but not curable. This is similar to other chronic diseases like heart disease or asthma. The goal of treatment is to manage the condition, and become fully aware of the underlying causes.

Why should I consider addiction treatment abroad?

Considering addiction treatment abroad, particularly in Spain, offers a number of advantages that can enhance recovery for individuals struggling with addiction disorders. 

Affordability: High-quality rehab centres that are less dear compared to those in Western countries. Facilities like InnerLife Recovery provide exceptional care at a fraction of the cost due to the lower cost of living in Spain. This affordability allows for extended treatment durations, which are crucial for a proper recovery, without the financial strain experienced in countries like the UK.

Removal from familiar triggers and stressors: Being in a completely different environment helps break the cycle of addiction by distancing individuals from the people, places, and situations that contribute to their substance use. This geographical and psychological distance creates a space for focusing solely on recovery.

Holistic approach: Rehab facilities abroad, particularly in Spain, are known for their unique treatment. We combine Western psychotherapy techniques with Eastern wellness practices, offering a broad spectrum of treatment options that cater to the mind, body, and spirit. 

Quality of care: The high quality of treatment in international rehab centres is another key factor. Many of these facilities are internationally accredited and employ English-speaking, internationally trained staff. This ensures that the services and accommodations are of high standards, often exceeding what’s available domestically. Also, the international exposure and training of the staff bring in new perspectives and treatment techniques.

Opportunity to focus entirely on recovery: This is a significant benefit. Being far away from the daily pressures of work, family, and social obligations allows people to immerse themselves in their healing process. This undivided attention to personal growth and recovery can lead to more lasting changes.

Why InnerLife Recovery?

InnerLife Recovery is suited to all types of people, from all types of backgrounds. We also offer a safe haven to individuals who feel that rehab clinics in their native culture may be home to specialists who, despite being experts at their profession, are perhaps prone to certain biases or judgements. Here are some examples below:

For career-driven or high-earning individuals

Individuals who have intense and demanding careers often face a lot of stress. They are prone to addictive behaviours, usually as a form of escape. However, many healthcare professionals aren’t in a position to relate to this on a personal level. That is where InnerLife Recovery stands out. We have a team of experts who are absolutely dedicated to their profession. But their profession does not come before their passion for duty and care to people who are suffering. 

All of our team come from a background of addiction themselves. Not only that, but we all come from different places and career fields. This puts us in a unique position (that in all honesty, most rehab clinics aren’t in), to truly and deeply understand your struggles on a very personal level. Our care and support is not just an “act” for the sake of professional courtesy. It is a reflection of where we have been and where we have come from. In other words, our care and empathy is not just a front for the purposes of work. It is who we are as people. 

We also offer total confidentiality to people in high-stress career fields. We give you complete discretion and privacy, away from the public eye. 

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